Track your books on Beanstack!

How it works:

· This free program encourages you to read 1000 books with your child before they enter school.

· Download the free Beanstack Tracker App to your Apple or Android device.

· If you do not wish to use the App, pick up a reading log from the library when you register.

· Receive milestone awards as you read: for every 100 books read you receive a sticker, and when you reach 500 books receive a free book from the library.

· Once you have read 1000 books you will be given a certificate of completion and your child’s name will be placed on the library’s 1000 Books bulletin board.

· If you read the same book more than once, record it again. Each reading counts for 1 book.

Click here to register on Beanstack

Click here for more information on the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program