The W. Ben Hunt Center and Hales Corners Library Building Program got started with a Space Needs Assessment Study, completed in April 2016 by the Library Space Needs Committee [click here]. Public discussion continued in 2017 and 2018 resulting in several newspaper articles being published in the Southwest Community Newspapers:

October 12, 2017 [click here]

November 17, 2017 [click here]

November 7, 2018 [click here]

February 15, 2021 [click here]

The Space Needs Assessment Study led to the Village Board approving funding for a Facilities Study, in partnership with the Friends of the Hales Corners Library, that was completed in January 2018 by Himmel & Wilson Consultants. More information about the Facilities Study can be found below.

On Friday, October 30, 2020, the Library posted a Request for Proposal for Construction Management Services. [Click here] for a copy. Questions, clarifications and addenda will be posted here.

Question #1: Has the library contracted for architectural services?
Answer to Question #1: Not yet. The Library Board wants to hire a firm to provide Construction Management Services and then work with that firm to select an architect.

Question #2: Relative to the CM walk-through on 11/20, can I schedule that with you?  Do you have a facilities person that is familiar with the building systems with whom I can meet at that time?
Answer to Question #2: You can schedule the walk-through with me. If you ask any building system questions that I can’t answer, I’ll get back to you with an answer.

Question #3: In review of the RFP, the evaluation criteria denotes References as 20% of the evaluation but I did not see where you wanted those references located in the proposal.  Could you please advise?
Answer to Question #3: Include references in the “Past Experience as a Firm” section.

Question #4: Will this project consist of a new building, addition or renovation to the existing facility?
Answer to Question #4: This project will consist of renovations and possible expansion of existing space on the library level. See Himmel & Wilson Facility Study – Summary, pages 8-9.

Question #5: If this is a new building, do you have an anticipated size or program for this library?
Answer to Question #5: See Himmel & Wilson Facility Study – Summary, pages 8-9.

Question #6: Is there a construction cost budget established for our use in determining a CM Fee of cost of work for this proposal?
Answer to Question #6: No construction cost budget at this time.

Question #7: Is there an anticipated timeframe for the start of construction or a need to have this project completed by a certain date?
Answer to Question #7: No timeframe for start of construction or completion date at this time.

Question #8: With the timeframe of the construction phase unknown, can we provide the reimbursable schedule with hourly rates on a per month basis?
Answer to Question #8: Yes. With the timeframe of the construction phase unknown, provide the reimbursable schedule with hourly rates on a per month basis. This is what you do because of the unknown.

Question #9: Is there an anticipated date for an RFP to be released for Architectural services?
Answer to Question #9: The RFP for Architectural services is ready to be posted early in 2021, after the CM contract is awarded.

Question #10: What type of assistance will you be looking for in the Architect selection process?
Answer to Question #10: Assist in pre-selecting firms (short list), assist with interviews and evaluations.

Question #11: If interviews are going to be held, will they be in person or through a virtual platform?
Answer to Question #11: Too early to tell for sure. Could be either.

Question #12: Can you provide the names of the general contractors that attended the walk-through (Friday 11-20-2020)?
Answer to Question #12:
– Beeler Construction, Inc.
– Berghammer Construction Corporation
– CG Schmidt
– Gilbane Building Co.
– Gilbank Construction, Inc.
– Greenfire Management Services, LLC
– Hunzinger Construction
– Miron Construction Co., Inc.
– Moore Construction Services
– Selzer-Ornst Construction Company, LLC
– Sigma Group

Following is a summary of the needs for expansion and renovations, the Facilities Study, and community participation.

4.83% of the Hales Corners residents and community
have participated in public discussions
on an expanded and renovated Library Building.

Why are we looking at an expansion and renovations?

  • The Library, the Health Department and the Historical Society have outgrown their space – collections, staff areas, public meeting areas, storage areas
  • Space for the Library, the Health Department and the Historical Society has become obsolete – technology, phones, furniture
  • The Hunt Center is an aging building – HVAC (boiler & A/C), plumbing, roof, windows and doors

Facilities Study:

  • January 2018 – Completed by Himmel & Wilson Consultants
  • Cost of Facility Study: $18,500
    • $5,000 – Friends of the Library
    • $15,000 – Village of Hales Corners
  • Available here:
    • Himmel & Wilson Facilities Study – the full report (188 pages): [click here]

How was the Facilities Study completed?

  • Community involvement: 3.78% of Hales Corners residents participated in Focus Groups and Survey
    • Focus Groups (40) + Survey (248) =  288 or 3.78% of Hales Corners population (7,622 as of 1/1/2018)
    • April 2017 – Focus Groups: 5 focus groups, with 40 individuals attending
      • Participants:
        • Adults, Seniors, Teens, and Children
        • HC Chamber of Commerce members and local businesses
        • HC Historical Society
        • Whitnall School Board, Teachers, and Families
        • Village Board of Trustees were invited to participate in the Focus Groups but none attended
    • May 2017 – Survey (online & paper copies): 248 responses

Library’s Civil Engagement Discussion – In November 2018 library patrons were asked this question:
“Would you support a renovation and a modest expansion to the Hales Corners Library (e.g. a larger children’s area, an elevator, etc.)?”

  • There were 100 responses: 80 – yes, 16 – no, 4 – indifferent
  • With the Civil Engagement Discussion, 4.83% of Hales Corners residents have an opinion about the library’s building project:
    • Focus Groups (40) + Survey (248) + Civil Engagement (80) = 368 or 4.83% of Hales Corners population (7,622 as of 1/1/2018)

Library renovations and expansion – what are the needs?

  • An elevator to allow for easy access to all levels
  • A variety of rooms and spaces for multiple groups in the community to hold meetings
  • Space for seniors, teens, community groups to gather, study and interact
  • A Maker Space where youth, teens and adults can work on projects together and learn from each other
  • A large and brightly decorated space near the children’s collection for story times with interactive play and art projects
  • Study rooms filled with young adults studying with peers or with an instructor
  • A room filled with senior citizens playing games and enjoying their weekly gathering
  • Space and technology where a family can access the internet to plan vacations, job search or research family history

With the help of many individuals and groups, we can achieve this dream of an updated, modern, larger and more welcoming library to serve our community for the next generation of learners, leaders and life-long readers.

What will a renovated library look like and what will it cost?

  • On Friday, October 30th, the Library Board posted a request for proposal (RFP) for construction management services. Copy of RFP [click here]. Once the construction management services contract has been awarded (in late December), the Library Board will post a request for proposal for architectural and engineering services to help answer the question “What will a renovated library look like and what will it cost?”
  • Community support is paying for the construction management services and for the architectural and engineering study:
    • Friends of the Hales Corners Library
    • Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce
    • Hales Corners Historical Society
    • Hales Corners Library Board (private donations)
    • Whitnall Park Rotary Club

Community Support:

A Gift to the Community: Hales Corners Public Library receives $100,000 bequest toward installing an elevator at the Library

The donation comes from the estates of Bill and Charlene Wright, and their son Bill Wright Jr. The Wright Family members were longtime Hales Corners residents and over the years used the Library for education, community outreach, and relaxation. “The Library Board is grateful for this generous and extraordinary gift to our Library and community,” said MaryAnn Lindberg, President of the Hales Corners Library Board of Trustees. “This tribute to Bill and Charlene and their son Bill Jr. is fitting as it will improve a building that serves the needs of our community by housing the Library, the Health Department, the Hales Corners Historical Society and the Ben Hunt Community Room, which is used by many organizations and groups as a meeting space.”  [click here] to see the full press release.